Nigel Smith

An Expert in helping People, Teams and Companies to Think better, Relate better, Lead better and Perform better

Facilitator, Speaker, Motivator, Coach, & Consultant

Hi, my role is to be a catalyst in helping you, your teams, audiences and organization to develop new thinking habits, relate better internally and externally, lead intentionally and purposefully, and be engaged and motivated to perform better in an ever changing, complex and frenetic world. I am referred to as a vibrant, passionate, inspirational and dynamic individual with a vast and unique array of expertise and experience in the fields of relational and intentional leadership, management, communication, selling, innovation, strategy, motivation, professional presentation and coaching.


I have had the privilege of being personally trained by the world’s leading authority on Lateral Thinking and Innovation – Dr. Edward de Bono
I have presented and worked across a wide range of commerce and industry, and in more than 11 countries throughout Africa and the Middle East.

I lecture at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS – University of Pretoria Business School).

My wife and I also facilitated Community focused Personal Enrichment Programs for a few years.

I am also a past President of the Pretoria Chapter of the Professional Speaker’s Association of South Africa.