roger hitchcock

Roger has worked for over 25 years across the full range of organisations from both large corporate environments through to small business environments. This includes exposure to and input and insight into the public sector throughout Africa as well as non-profit entities. Much of the work Roger has done has been at the most senior level in organisations (boards and senior management), he does also have experience working with a diverse group of people.  

His speciality in teaching is in making complexity understandable by unpacking clearly and practically concepts and ideas and bringing his vast experience to play in facilitating robust solutions by making the intangible tangible. He is passionate about assisting organisation of all types and individuals find their clear strategic direction and purpose – and helping them to take steps in implementing this purpose in an effective way.

Roger is both an experienced executive as well as non-executive director. He has experience in retail, financial services, consulting, mining and non-profit companies.    

Over the past 25 years Roger had facilitated a range of events including (amongst other things) corporate strategy sessions, team dynamics and behaviour workshops, conflict resolution interventions and multi-day high impact events.    

Roger prefers to refer to himself as a corporate teacher rather than a trainer. His gift in teaching enables him to not only structure and present content effectively but also to take his audience (the learners) on an insightful journey of discovery.     

As a catalyst Roger always brings something fresh, new and challenging ‘to the table’. It is unlikely that after his involvement any group can simply ‘keep on’ as they have been ‘keeping on’. Change is a natural result.
Roger Hitchcock | Trusted Advisor | 
| Leadership | Strategy | Governance | Management | Teams |
(B.Soc Sc. B.Th. Dip.SBM.)
Strategic Skill Set    Consulting in the following Areas:
•    Leadership
•    Strategy
•    Governance
•    Decision Making
•    Risk and Stakeholders
•    Relational Dynamics (in teams and organisations)
•    Management
•    Team Dynamics and Performance
•    Strategic
•    Team (All levels of the organisation)
Training – development and deployment of a range of training programmes, able to present complexity simply, including the following areas
•    Strategic Formulation and Implementation
•    Corporate Governance (Comprehensive coverage of King III & IV and their practical application)
•    Directors (and Officers) Duties
•    Corporate Decision Making
•    Ethical Leadership and Sustainability
•    Risk Governance and Management
•    Stakeholder Engagement
•    Relational Dynamics and Relational Capital
•    Integrated Thinking and Integrated Reporting
•    Corporate Communication
•    Performance Management
•    Sales and Marketing
•    Customer Services
•    Behavioural and Personal Effectiveness
•    Application of Legal and Technical Requirements
•    Facilitation Skills – the ability to bring a group to a consensus
Other related areas of expertise      
•    Group Decision Making
•    Risk Analysis and Management
•    Entrepreneurial mind-set and skills
•    Product and Services Innovation – Product Design and Solutions Design
•    Investment Decision Making, Consulting and Advice
•    Marketing to “Corporates” or Groups as well as Individuals
•    A Solution based mind-set
Sector Exposure    •    Private Companies (Both large and small)
•    Listed Companies
•    Family Business
•    Public Sector Entities (State Owned Companies and other Public Sector entities)
•    Non-Profit Entities (Non-Profit companies, foundations, trusts)
Specific Areas addressed    Consulting, Training and Advice
•    Strategic Planning and Facilitation
•    Training
•    Business/Divisional Start-up Planning (Business Model Design)
•    Financial Services
•    Investment Consulting (Individual and Corporate)
•    Healthcare and Insurance
•    Wholesale and Retail
•    Construction and Infrastructure
•    Mining Development Services (Underground Mining)
Country Exposure    Training and Consulting provided physically in the following countries
•    South Africa
•    Namibia
•    Botswana
•    Kenya
•    Tanzania
•    Mauritius
•    Uganda
•    Lesotho
In addition delegates from a number of other (mainly African) countries have attended training sessions.
Ongoing Training and Consulting Activities    1985 to Present (30+ years’ experience)
| Leadership | Strategy | Governance | Management | Teams |
•    Training and Presenting – development and deployment of a range of training programmes in the areas of leadership, strategy and governance in both informal and formal environments across a range of subject areas and sectors.
•    Strategic Planning and Implementation – having been involved directly in a number of companies (ranging from start-up/early stage to listed) this has provided the opportunity to be involved from the “ground floor” in the design of business models, financial control systems, investment models and a range of other policies, procedure and processes.
•    Strategic Facilitation and Decision Making – again the ongoing opportunity presented through internal strategic planning as well as from an “outsiders” perspective has provided exposure to a range of critical business decision processes.
•     Strategic and Business Model Analysis and Development.
Qualifications    Certified Financial Planner (CFP™) Qualification
•    Personal Financial Planning
•    Corporate Financial Planning
•    Healthcare
    Bachelor of Social Science (University of Natal, Durban)
•    Marketing
•    Industrial Psychology
•    Industrial Sociology
    Bachelor of Theology (Unisa)
•    Systematic Theology
•    Practical Theology
     Diploma in Business Management (Damelin)  
Directorship Positions    Roger Hitchcock has held a number of directorships ranging from Executive Director in Honeylane Consulting to Non-Executive positions in the Mining Sector, Retail and NPO. 
Details are available on request.

An Example of Governance Programmes developed and presented by Roger Hitchcock:
(The following provides an indication of specialist expertise and areas covering Governance of Organisations – it in not a comprehensive list)
Programme Name    What was covered?    Target Audience
•    The Changing Face of Business!    The impact of changes to various legislation  affecting companies in South Africa    Boards and Senior Management
•    Is it still safe to be a company director?    South African Companies Act    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    The Principles and Practices of World Class Corporate Governance    Corporate Governance Overview (including legislation and Codes of Corporate Governance    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Corporate Governance (King III)    Corporate Governance Overview (using King III as a framework)    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Organisational Leadership    The role of the Board (and individual Directors) as Leaders, Strategists and Governors     Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Strategic Enterprise Risk Oversight
(Risk Governance and Management)    The role of the board in Risk Governance, the role of management in Enterprise Risk Management.
A very practical approach to addressing risk in organisations    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards. Senior Management, Functional Management, Risk Management, Compliance, Internal Audit
•    Social and Ethics Committee Training    Addressing the requirement to establish a SEC in South Africa, how they work, what the mandate of the SEC is and how to ensure its effectiveness    Boards and Senior Management, members of the Social and Ethics Committee
•    Directors Duties Workshop    Specifically addressing the legal duties, accountabilities and responsibilities of directors (as individuals and as a board)    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Captains, Coaches, Custodians and Conductors    Board Behaviour, Dynamics and Performance    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Audit    The Boards role in Strategy and Oversight    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Board Renewal    Board Induction, Board Evaluation and Succession    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Improving Board Effectiveness    The role of the Board in Leading Organisations    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
Governance Focus Areas:        
•    Integrated Reporting    Focusing on specific areas of Governance in Organisations. These have been presented to private, listed, public and non-profit entities.    Business ‘owners’/shareholders, Directors, Boards and Senior Management
•    Sustainability        
•    Stakeholder Engagement        
•    Risk Governance        

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