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We are committed to building a consulting company that envisions the dream of the client while embracing ethical stewardship.


As we face global challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality, we need to find different approaches in order to envision the emerging Dream Society while simultaneously mitigating the ever real threat of potential nightmare scenarios.  

While the "Social Covenant", as articulated by the World Economic Forum, provides an ethical framework for organisations, leadership remains the bulwark for delivery.  Managing the tension between ideals and reality requires a special kind of professional development. 

The James Social and Ethics Consultancy (JSEC), provides such a service.  We focus on building capacity and strengthening corporate governance and ethical leadership within the framework of  the Companies Act 2008, King IV, Social & Ethics Committees and the standards of the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council).  Our use of internationally accredited auditing tools such as the Relational Proximity Framework and ISO standards compliment our unique boutique offering.  We believe that by listening attentively to our clients and their stakeholders we will find the inspiration for optimal performance and sustainability. Our experience is that professional practice is best discovered in community, which is what the James Social and Ethics Consulting is all about.