Our niche offering:  focusing on building capacity and strengthening corporate governance and ethical leadership.

  • Stakeholder Management & Measurement
  • Governance (King IV ™)
  • Compliance Social & Ethics Committee
  • Compliance IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council)

Executive Coaching


Essential to every company is the optimal performance of its executive leadership team, each member being fine-tuned to the other and together synchronised to serve the best interests of the organisation through enhanced efficiency and productivity that can be measured, adding to the overall performance of the company.  JSEC’s executive coaching provides an integrated approach that taps into the full potential of individual executives and connects them into the organisational mandate and strategy alongside their peers to produce enhanced synergy and strength to take the company forward.

Diplomatic Training

Complimentary to Executive Coaching is JSEC’s service offering of Diplomatic Training.  Business and organisational executives at all levels are better positioned to serve the objectives of their organisation once they are equipped with an understanding of diplomatic practice and skills. The global nature of business and inter-governmental communications demands a heightened sensibility that is mindful of cultural and political nuances that could determine the outcome of significant transactions if the appropriate protocols are recognised and properly regarded.

In addition JSEC has in-house professional diplomats and diplomatic trainers who are able to train professional diplomats.

Relational metrics


JSEC is a licensed partner of Relational Analytics Limited, a UK-based company that holds the license rights for the Relational Proximity assessment tools that are now available to organisations to more accurately measure and manage the stakeholder relationships which are critical to their business success.  JSEC’s team of Relational Practitioners work locally on-site on projects and in collaboration with their peers in the UK to assist clients with the diagnosis and assessment of the relationships on which their enterprise depends.

JSEC is a licensed user of the Relational  Analytics methodology for the measurement of stakeholder relationships.

anti bribery management system

JSEC consultants work together with ICCASA in providing independent third party auditing and certification of organizations' management system. Certification activities are conducted in strict accordance with the international standard, ISO/IEC 17021 (Conformity Assessment- Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems) and utilizes industry experts and auditors that are certified with the Southern African Auditor and Training Certification Authority (SAATCA) which is a SANAS-accredited personnel certification body for management system and product Auditors. ICCASA offers management system certification to South African industries for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 39001, OHSAS 18001, SANS 1393, SANS 1734 and SANS 10406.

JSEC specializes in SANS 1734 anti-bribery management systems.  As senior practitioners we assist ICASSA in training, implementation and auditing of SANS 1734.

"table top" offering 

Table Top.jpeg

The James Social & Ethical Consulting (JSEC) provides boutique management consulting services to its clients in four service offerings - Relational Analytics Services, Executive Coaching,  Compliance Social & Ethics Committees and Integrated Reporting Standards (IIRC), Diplomatic Training and the implementation and auditing of the SANS 1734 ABMS, Anti-bribery Management System in South Africa.  These are available as stand-alone services or can be purchased as a combination of complimentary services.  This unique combination is particularly framed to assist clients in meeting their obligations in respect of the integrated reporting standards of the King Code (IV) and the Companies Act 71 of 2008 in respect of Social and Ethics Committees (Section 72 of the Companies Act read with Companies Regulation 43).