pranesh anandlal

Coaching Training and Qualifications:

Master in Business and Executive Coaching (Wits Business School)

Other background and experience:

 Pranesh Anandlal is a highly competent inter-culturist who lived in different parts of Europe for 18 years with a prime focus on training and developing the next generation of authentic leaders. While working in Albania and Hungary, he trained many Western expatriates working in cross-cultural contexts all across Eastern and Central Europe. More recently he served as a CEO of OM South Africa, an international NGO. Alongside his current involvement in international coaching with OM, he is also coaching management in several Glencore Mines. Pranesh is registered coach with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)

Areas of expertise/ specialisation:

Executive and Business coaching; leadership development coaching; performance coaching; skills development; strategic leadership; team development; ministry development; strategic personal training and development; transition and change management.

Coaching approaches and Philosophy:

Coaching is a one-on-one learning alliance, tailored to achieve personal and professional growth and development. It is a client centered and collaborative partnership between the coach and the client with clearly identified learning outcomes. Pranesh takes a holistic approach to individual’s learning and development. Coaching assists clients to move insight into action and can result in transformational change where old patterns are confronted and replaced by new ones.

Pranesh holds an optimistic view of clients and believe that each person can change and has more potential than currently realised. He assumes the client’s resourcefulness and respect their ability to make their own choices. Wherever possible, he enters into a triangular contract with clear expectations and reporting structures between the organisation, the client and the coach. His commitment underpins high levels of respect and confidentially in the coaching engagement.

Testimonials of previous client:

As a Programme Manager, and Assistant Director of a rapidly growing and developing multi- million Rand funded Community Based HIV and Orphan Care NGO I am under huge pressure to manage Human Resources for a team of 95 staff, meet targets, working in a highly stressful environment and support our beneficiaries. I have been in this working environment for over 25 years and specifically in my present role for 13 years and am highly experienced. I am also highly competent and strive for excellence and realize how stuck I had become in my role. Lacking direction, drive, motivation and especially a way forward. In discussion with Mr. Pranesh Anandlal I agreed with some hesitation to engage in a program of coaching. I had not taken an opportunity for a long time to slow down, hear myself breath, let alone think, plan, reflect or introspect. During the nine months of interactions and sessions I have grown in my own understanding of myself tremendously. My worldview has been broadened and my thinking is changed. How I internalize issues, reflect, lead and deal and work with people. My time management, family and leisure prioritize and workload have a great sense of balance and I have a greater sense of control of the things I involve myself in. It has been a hugely valuable experience and an area of further development I am looking at incorporating into my own working team.

Mr. Robert Ng-Yu-Tin

Assistant Director of Community Care Project in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


Mobile: +27 (0) 82 784 1998