James Social & Ethical Consultancy Service OFFERING

  1. Introductory training on compliance in constituting a ... 

    The South African Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 became effective on 1 May 2011 making regulatory compliance an audit requirement. Section 72 (4) of the Companies Act, 2008 and regulation 43 (2) states that every state owned company, listed public company and any other company that scored above 500 points in any of two of the previous five years is required to have a Social and Ethics Committee.

    JSEC offers a 1-day training session covering.


    • Overview of the Companies Act
    • Requirements relating to Section 72 (4) and Regulation 43 (2)
    • Contextualising the requirements within King III and King IV
    • Practical management of the Social and Ethic Committee
    • National and International Benchmarking
    • Reporting guidelines

  2. Service support to the Social & Ethic Committee:

    Specialised services include:

    • Constituting the Committee
    • Managing the work of the Committee
    • Integrated reporting by the Committee
    • Liaison with other Committees
    • General Stakeholder Relations Management
    • National and International benchmarking
    • Specialised counsel (ethics, monitoring and evaluation, social returns on investment etc.)